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Niet akkoord

Registration form

Welcome to the registration site of the Kiremko Masterclasses which will take place on 22nd of October 2019.

During the day we will organize two sessions of four Masterclasses. Please join us and participate, learn, listen and network about issues that affect our industry.

10:00 hr      Welcome
10:30 hr      Kick Off with Ruud Veltenaar
12:00 hr      Masterclasses
13:00 hr      Lunch, networking, activities
14:30 hr      Masterclasses
15:30 hr      Drinks, networking, activities
17:30 hr      Leave to see the races in Woerden

Day and evening program
We hope you will join us for the Kiremko Masterclasses day program and the races in Woerden during the evening program.

If you only will be able to attend the day program or the evening program, that is possible. Please let us know which part of the program you will be able to join by sending an e-mail to or use the ‘remarks’ box on the right. Also let us know if you would like to make use of any transportation options in that case.

Your input for the Masterclasses
Feel free to let us know your own topics, questions or insights that are interesting for the Masterclasses. You can let us know in advance by sending an email to or contact us during the event.

Accommodation and/or transportation
As this event can last until late in the evening, we would like to offer you complimentary hotel accommodation including breakfast. We will arrange this for you at the Abrona hotel in Oudewater.

After the program of the Masterclasses in Montfoort, we offer you a transfer from Kiremko to the Business Lounge in Woerden. After the cycling event in Woerden a taxi service is offered to take you to Kiremko in Montfoort or to your hotel in Oudewater.
Please click which transfer options you want to use. A combination is also possible.

More information
If you have any questions, please contact

Register successful, thank you! We will send all the necessary information soon.